Notes by his mother Ingrid in Stefan's baby book

Stefan Andrews was born on November 20, 1965, a Saturday afternoon at 4:16 pm.

His birthweight: 8 lbs 4 ozs

21 inches in height

He had an easy birth which I could experience with full conscience. A first cry , he pushed before he was entirely born, it was not at all screaming but whimpering.

While his Dada was covering the New York blackout, giving it the last touches on the hospital telephone, Stefan was getting ready for the first meeting with his father.

I had planned to nurse Stefan and according to that we kept in close touch right from the start.

Very soon he slept through the night waking up generally after seven a. m. which we all find most considerate of him.

Christopher accepts his baby brother nicely (so far). Chris says that he wants to pet Stefan.

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